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Jon Sisk's career in Pick began as an application programmer prior to joining the National Support Group of Microdata Corporation, whose product, Reality was the first commercial implementation of the Pick Operating System.

Jon left Microdata to form JES & Associates, Inc. (, the first independent Pick training organization.

His first endeavor at JES was producing the first commercial book, " The Reality Pocket Guide".

Dick Pick, the iconoclastic namesake behind the Pick Operating System, enlisted Jon to write what would become his most famous book, "The Pick Pocket Guide".

Adapting material from his training courses, Jon and co-author Steve VanArsdale were signed by Hayden Book Co. to write the first commercial Pick textbook to appear on retail shelves, "Exploring the Pick Operating System".

He followed that up with a solo effort and the first textbook dedicated to the Pick/BASIC programming language, "Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide". This book is still available today as a free download.

Over the following decade, Jon was the Series Editor of " The Pick Library" for Tab Books, a division of McGraw-Hill.

A prolific writer, Jon's articles and columns appeared in many industry publications, including Byte Magazine, PickWorld, International Spectrum, Spectrum Tech Digest, RDBM Computing, IPUA Journal, Computing News & Review and Engineering Enterprise.

Dick Pick commissioned Jon to develop his most epic work, "Encyclopedia Pick (EPick)" an all-encompassing document that covered every single unique subject in the Pick database. He wrote and produced the towering, 1500 page document and as a by-product released it as an on-line Help system. Like an early Wiki, it provided hyperlinks to related topics, contained working examples, allowed collabarative contributions, and could be output directly to a printed encyclopedia with a single click, and all of this was years before the Web was invented.

In March of 2000, Jon was part of the team that purchased Pick Systems (the company), now called Tiger Logic (NASDAQ: TIGR). He joined the company as vice-president of Training & Education.

From there Jon returned to JES and over the following years has been involved with a variety of technical sectors and startups, from Information Security to Fifth-generation application generators. He is co-developer and chief Editor for the first (and only) Multi-Value based Wiki.

JES now conducts training with a modern spin on it, by offering online 1 on 1 training on a wide variety of topics all custom made for each client.

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