One on One Training

At Your Convenience

JES delivers customized, personalized, on-demand training specific to your applications, data and programs.

You can now have direct and private access to top training professionals at a time convenient to your schedule without ever having to leave your office for a fraction of the cost of a live class.


Learn From the Experts

Jonathan E.Sisk is widely credited for developing the Pick training industry in the seminal years of the Pick market. His Pick Library of titles illustrates the breadth of the early course offerings and still remains as the foundation of knowledge for thousands who attended JES courses, seminars and public appearances.

Since its inception, JES has enlisted the talents of the top names in the industry. Many of these now-legendary individuals continue to deliver their knowledge in our new one on one model, which in fact is often more than one of us on our end, depending on the specific needs of the client.


Learn With Your Data

Employing connectivity tools such as GoToMeeting, we connect directly to your system for interactive sessions covering exactly what you need, when you need it.

By learning on your platform, everything is 100% applicable to your immediate situation.



  • No travel costs or out of office time
  • Learn on your data, programs and applications
  • Learn from well-known experts in the industry
  • Access to a private area for JES Students on NuWiki
  • An almost infinite number of topics can be covered
  • It's a fraction of the cost of modern live classes!


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JES One on One Training Packages are sold in 10-hour increments. All prices are in USD and can include up to four students:

  • 10 hours, $1500
  • 20 hours, $2900
  • 30 hours, $4200

Call today for your personalized quotation and training solution.