- Jonathan E. Sisk & Associates

One on One Training

There's a Good Reason We're the Best-Known Training Source

We have trained literally thousands of people how to use Pick/D3.

We used to enlist the good old stand-up training model for our live classes, which required us to follow a fairly generalized format, since everyone came from a different company and background.

Today, we conduct training over the Internet, using the latest screensharing and VOIP tools.

This allows us to customize our comprehensive training material to your exact needs, using your data and programs to learn from.

No travel. No disruption. No hassle.

Give us 10 hours and we'll give you back a reliable D3 technician.

And if you want programming, add another 10 hours and we'll give you someone who can modify your programs with the confidence they are doing it right.

Pick/D3 Fundamentals

In order to understand the unique way D3 stores and retrieves data, this is the starting point.

In 10, 1-hour sessions, we cover both theoretical and practical topics, all reinforced together in real-time, as we are sharing a keyboard but you're doing the typing.

  • How the file system is organized
  • An overview of the tools
  • Creating users and accounts
  • Creating files and dictionaries
  • Using the Editor
  • Using the Retrieval Language
  • Using conversions
  • Using processing codes

Pick/BASIC Programming

The first thing to establish is you must know all the material from the Fundamentals class before taking this one.

Adding on those Fundamentals, we now can expose the entire Pick/BASIC language in 10 1-hour sessions.

Following the model laid out in "Pick/BASIC: A Programmer's Guide" by Jonathan E. Sisk, we take even a novice programmer through the useful instruction set, using practical examples and demonstrating more subtle issues like technique along the way.

We take that new knowledge and put it to test by studying the code on your own machine. Some students even bring a pending programming task from their in-box to class and we work on it together. What better time to get help with your homework?


The basic ten-hour package is $1500.